Best Sustainable Practices from Corporate and Educational Sectors

April 28, 2021

Partners of the ISSUE project partnership aim to develop various education tools based on principles and goals of sustainable development and adapting them for higher educational institutions. Sustainability, in any organization, should be embedded through knowledge, engagement, collaboration and innovation. Higher education institutions should ensure that their governance, faculty, staff and students not only understand sustainability, but also have the capacity to act sustainably and promote sustainable practices. To reach this goal, ISSUE is developing innovative content and tools with modern pedagogical approaches, adapted to the different target groups of a university, on various fields of sustainable development.

To support business schools in their effort to give responsibility and sustainability greater prominence and bring it to a higher level at their own institutions, ISSUE project partners have made a Collection of Best Practice Examples from companies as well as from higher education institutions (HEIs).

The examples presented may be used in two distinct ways.  

  • Best practice examples from the corporate sector are best used in classrooms to highlight good practices and bring them closer to the students. They may also be used by companies and various professionals interested in sustainability.
  • Best practice examples from HEIs are meant to be used by school leadership, staff and faculty members to familiarize themselves with successful examples from other HEIs, and help them facilitate change at their own institutions.

All Best Practice Examples have an easily understandable structure with a description of challenges, best practice and benefits to the organization and other stakeholders. All practices also show which United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) they are addressing.

You may read or download the entire Collection here: