O1 - Integrated Reporting Manual

The Integrated Reporting Manual is intended to provide clear guidance as to the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to work in an IR environment within the Higher Education Sector. The manual will incorporate clear guidance and mapping to ISO 26000, the Sustainable Development Goals, Principles for Responsible Management Education and the UN Global Compact Principles.

Led by Leeds Beckett University

O2 - Methodology Handbook

The ISSUE partnership will publish a Methodology Handbook with best practices from both HEIs and the business sector – suitable for adaptation to the HEIs, which will be gathered by project partners. The handbook will also include teaching case studies, which will all be openly available.

Led by IEDC-Bled School of Management


O3 - The 21-Day Challenge

ISSUE will develop a gamified “21-Day Challenge” to provide insights and awareness on the various sustainability-related topics derived from the 17 goals of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It will consist of thematic videos in the e-learning environment and four supporting submodules for introductory, closing and evaluation purposes.

Led by Lappeenranta University of Technology


O4 - Future Sustainability Managers Program

ISSUE will develop a summer university program for participating business schools based on the best international sustainability practices. Building on this experience, a guidebook will be developed so that the program can be replicated in different countries with participants representing students, lecturers and companies.

Led by CBS


O5 - Green Office Strategy, Toolkit and Guidelines

ISSUE will design, implement and test a set of products to support the establishment of an environmentally and human-friendly place to work, following the innovative concept of Green Office concept. The toolkit will help with reducing the consumption of natural resources and materials, improving energy efficiency, green procurement (office paper, office furniture), water consumption, waste reduction and recycling, sustainable transport and mobility, air quality, and designing an ergonomic and healthy workplace.



O6 - Escape Room

Through gamification, a unique learning tool will be developed. The “60 Minutes to Save the World” Escape Room will aim at supporting classroom courses by providing an opportunity for students to work in groups and develop sustainability awareness as well as other soft skills.

Led by BBS