Integrated Thinking - the key to value creation

May 13, 2020

Integrated reporting (IR) is an innovative step in the evolution of corporate reporting that provides an opportunity for an organisation to lay strategic foundations for SD. It is a process founded on integrated thinking that considers value creation and related communications to internal and external stakeholders. It involves the active consideration of the relationships between various stakeholders and the capitals (including social, financial and environmental) which create value for universities over the short, medium and long term.

The IR process is as important as the output itself as it can help to break down silos and promote changes to behavior within organisations.  The value creation process set out in the IR Framework can facilitate a focus on sustainable development. IR will encourage universities to develop a strategic approach to SD based on the creation of value and new ways of measuring, managing and disclosing information.

The ISSUE project partners are working together on adapting the IR, a tool more or less elaborated in case of business entities, to an overarching thinking and reporting framework on activities in general and SD activities in particular of a higher education institution.

While first Integrated Reports prepared by ISSUE project partners will soon be ready for publishing, we are inviting everyone interested in IR to see the Keynote speech that will be made one of the ISSUE project partners, prof. Fiona Robertson from Leeds Beckett University.

The presentation 'Integrated Thinking - the key to value creation'  will be delivered at the 3rd Colloqium of the Good Governance Academy taking place on May 20th.

If you are interested, make sure that you register on time here.