January 21, 2021

Strange, blue flashing lights, an engine buzzing and humming, a helmet of an astronaut in the corner, a dashboard full of unfamiliar buttons and with a huge screen showing the image of an asteroid approaching. Wow that’s amazing – we may think, but it’s a lot more. It’s memorable, thought – provoking and well… it is fun too. The NO PLAN(ET) B escape room is now under test at Budapest Business School and soon to be launched to the public.

NO PLAN(ET) B is one of the project elements of ERASMUS+ ISSUE project developed by Budapest Business School and an expert partner. We truly believe in the development and application of various educational tools that support the integrated learning process of principles and goals of sustainable development, and now we can proudly announce that NO PLAN(ET) B escape room is now under test by the BBS community,

The approx. 60 min’ game has the concept of saving the world while learning about Sustainable Development Goals and conscious decision through gamification. The escape room aims at supporting classroom courses by providing an opportunity for students to work in groups and develop sustainability awareness as well as other soft skills.

The game takes place in the distant (or not so distant) future when Earth is soon to become uninhabitable. Players are sent on an expedition on a spaceship to look for a new, habitable planet. Or at least they think so in the first minutes of the game, but they soon receive a video message from the previous Captain telling them it is irresponsible to think that there will always be a new planet and their mission is doomed to failure. Earth must be made habitable in the long run. Now the players' task is to turn the spaceship back to Earth. However, this can only be done if the captain's puzzles are solved.

The escape room is bilingual, so it is available not only in Hungarian, but also in English for the whole BBS community, students, professors and employees as well.

Partners will also have the opportunity to test the spaceship soon, latest during the Summer School programe in 2021, and if they also like it, they can have a similar escape room at their universities with the help of BBS and its professional partner of course in the local languages of the partners.

We are coming with more details soon too!