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Budapest Business School – University of Applied Sciences

Budapest Business School (BBS), the largest university of applied sciences in Hungary educates nearly 16,000 students in the area of Tourism and Hospitality, International Business Economics, Commerce and Marketing, Finance and Accountancy, Business Administration and Management, Human Resources and Business Information Systems. Three of our faculties are based in Budapest and one in Zalaegerszeg.

Our education portfolio covers all areas of economic sciences, our uniqueness and market recognition is due to our experience-based and practice-focus training structure tuned to fit the needs and expectations in the market.

Our mission is to become one of the leading economic universities of applied sciences in the Central European region, with this focus we continuously strive to offer our students knowledge that is useful in practice and is an expectation of the employment market in order to enable them to become professionals who are well prepared, ethical, socially responsible and who have wide perspective, innovative skills, a solid knowledge of their particular field and including foreign languages.


László Varga

Zsuzsanna Győri

Andrea Nagy

Krisztina Szegedi