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Leeds Business School, Leeds Beckett University

Leeds Business School (LBS) is a modern, professional school employing 300 staff and educating more than 5,000 students.  It is one of the largest of 12 Schools at Leeds Beckett University. LBS combines state of the art technology with enviable relationships across business, professional bodies and industry.   Our vision is to be a responsible Business School where sustainability and integrated thinking underpin our strategies, our decision making, our approach to management education and stakeholder engagement.  

LBS supports the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) which seek to advance sustainability and ethics through the incorporation of universal values into curricula, research and management education.  The School is committed to supporting small businesses, local economies and student entrepreneurship as recognised by the re-award of the Association of Business Schools Small Business Charter in 2020. Our Sustainable Business Research Institute draws together a range of research interests that reflect the UN Sustainable Development Goals and strengthen connections between research and the curriculum and our local, regional, national and international partnerships in the field of sustainability.


Fiona Robertson

David Devins